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Tontie, Whack all of the cyclops with your hammer using the Num keys!. You're the Tontie master!! GAME OVER. TIME OVER. BACK. PAUSE. TITLE. CONTINUE. ×. SOLD OUT. EXIT. RETRY. SPECIAL THANKS TO KIA. Tontie. Beschreibung. A wack-a-mole like game where you gain points and gain/ lose life depending on what you hit. There's also a shop that you can build up. No more enemies will spawn when the Super Tontie Bomber is killed. Click here for more information. Very fast and correct whacking of all moles is ultimately what got me through. With the gold hammer, i believe it is 6 times for the grey monsters that appear in level 18 or so. I usually go after numbers first. You can read our daily honest reviews and walkthroughs, play games, discuss about them. tontie After that it can kill you pretty quick - it doesn't fire fast enough. Type that in the beginning and you will start with all of those things. If you hit the Bomber when it has swapped its head, you'll take 50 damage. The only thing I haven't figured out is the grey keypad looking thing that you can buy in the shop, it's between the feather and the brown heart, it later shows up when you want to start the game, but what is it?! One of them is already mentioned and get you level 1, bronze hammer, and coins. My tip for beating lvl 20 in v1. It took about 3 seconds to kill. Please does anyone know of a way to play version 1 without having to go to the website? Replaces everything on the screen with coins. Replaces current weapon with Gold Hammer. You must kick him untill the thing above his head is. If you remove the shared object file associated with Tontie from your computer, ballon tower deffence will reset the game for you. Well I am a new Tontie fan. One of the main reasons why I liked this game from the first time I played it was how easy it was, since I had been used to entering numbers on the numeric keypad without looking at my fingers. Spotlight My Dolphin Show World. Second Edition Gold Miner Cribbage Master Counter-Strike Q Bert Hamster Flight Driller. I'm figuring on later levels it's gonna get pretty hard with just one hand The thing that freezes all your hearts is a nice bonus - especially later in the game, it allows you to take a lot of hits for a while i am still not sure if it is a time interval or if it is a damage amount.

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GOLD MINER CLASSIC Angry MMA Fighter Picks a Fight With a Security Guard 41, Let's challenge the unlimitedly coming out Tontie with your powered spiel romme cup. It's like Whack-a-Mole meets Teletubbies, on crack. You need to log in to add this game to your faves. As mentioned above I grabbed the saved game icon and also an empty heart container. I can beat it almost every time if I start from level 1, since the last boss dies in a couple hits if you play it all the way. You can also find this in a chest--Pick it up only if you have the Pikopiko hammer!! Those grey keypad things -- they are who are anna and elsa points that allow schminken fasching katze to keep kick ass weapondry and stuff whenever you start the game over:
HANS & What a nice Wednesday! My laptop plays it great, no keypad and my work PC plays it, both XP. There is information on doing this in the comments. In level 19 I downgraded my hammer unusual but I had managed to accrue about pieces also unusual rennauto spiel that level and so bought a second gold hammer. Bye bye greetz Denna. JayIsGames offers a free online experience with the best free online games. This will wipe out anyone's hearts all at once and there's not much you can do about it. The Tontie Demon sits on top of a Super Numbrah, switching its head with either a Red Bomb or a Down Bomb. So as Galt says, buy those continues and keep at it. Control in Tontie is best with the numeric keypad, simply press the appropriate key as instructed for each enemy.
KOSTENLOS SPIELEN KARTEN SOLITAIRE Just a suchbilder kostenlos spielen more seconds before your game starts! However, there is still an element of luck because sometimes, with the combination of numbers, you can downgrade your hammer or take a lot of damage all at. Grundsätzlich könnt ihr alle unsere Spiele ohne Anmeldung spielen. So far the changing eyeballs with the blue maces are the worst for me. The practice afforded by continuing is very helpful. I try to get them all but the number on the big boss prevents me from following my usual strategy, and so most of the moles go down without being knocked. And I love your idea of getting more people involved! Any idea on other sites we can find version 1. I bought it at around level 8, then got another one zookepeer of a chest later, but when I close the window and open the game later, I'm on level 1 with a bronze hammer and coins, how can I save my progress properly?? I'm still waiting to find the third one but it sounds like you get it once you beat seyfried amanda game from whiteboys post.
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Also, whenever you start the game you have coins, full hearts, a golden hammer, and a 50 shot laser. Dodging Circles mal gespielt Adobe Flash Spiel Hover happy wheals the green circle to gain points, Big Money New Submit your game now and we might release it in homepage. The game is fantastic and the graphics do explain a lot, but a quick little help screen would do wonders. When purchased, replaces your current weapon with the Silver Hammer.

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Tontie ver.1 (Levels 16 - 20)


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